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I was near this cute guy who I though was my age.I heard him give out his number.I wrote it down and texted him, pretending to think he was someone I knew.We started talking and...

Mother, I am not a bitch

My mom called me a brat but I knew she meant bitch....

Mother, I am not a bitch

Really, I'm the moron. This is my problem, if you dont have anything productive to say, go deal with your own problems. Why dont you start with trying not to cuss at strangers that don't want your negativity.

I fell in love with my former teacher

You seem like a wonderful man. All you need to do is be open to new, good, happy emotions. In time, you will find the right woman. She might be just like your old teacher who knows, but don't give up on life or love when you don't know what lies in front of you.

Mother, I am not a bitch

I wasn't listening to her and she was having one of her "migraines" It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life, she wasn't yelling or anything. She was perfectly still but her eyes were on fire, and they looked at me with such hatred...

So, How are you?

it's the weirdest thing, I dont know, at all


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