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Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Idk about anyone else, but I love cheesy pickup lines. If someone comes up to me with a cheesy pick up line or joke I automatically like them and talk to them. I mean I might not hook...

An Old Memory Popped Up

when my friend mentioned that she was happy that in high school the boys didn't video tape us in the shower like they do in the movies. And I agreed, but then I realized I had been...
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How Do I Stop It

a year and a half ago i posted how i was flashed and harassed by a neighbor at my bus stop. I graduated that same year but i still have panic attacks & extreme nightmares.my panic...
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we call him creepy guy

in October creepy guy( i don't even know the guys real name) flashed me twice (it wasn't that he just flashed me he also was jerking it) at my bus stop (which is in front of his...

First thing i notice about a person is

Their lips.Idk why but the first thing I look at on a person is their lips....
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So I'm not talking to my closest friend anymore

i have a similar problem, me and my best friend are starting to drift away and i can't tell her whats happening in my life either. I can't even tell her how alone i have been, or how scared i am. I keep looking at the good side of life though, like in a few months i will see her and my other friends. You will have to take the first step for change though, and maybe the first step should be look on the better side of life, or maybe you should tell your best friend whats been going one. they will probably know how to make you feel stronger, and better about yourself.

What the fuck?!?!?!

you're not the only one who thinks its messed up. Children are exposed to the thought of sex. It isn't a good thing, but also isn't an entirely bad thing. People have been having babies at 15 and 14 since the beginning of time. the problem about it at this time period is that some of the mothers don't want to take care of a child and probably only have them to show that they are adults. Another problem about having babies so young is that you will need to have an education to get a job and take care of it, and it would be wiser and easier to just have one after you get your education.

Move on.

whats UK
is it the university of kentucky or united kingdom or something else?

My mother won't buy my school clothes. -.-

I'm wearing clothes from last year i try not to ask my mom to buy me anything unless i need it. try looking for cheaper things to buy, maybe you're mom isn't in the best spot with money.

Teenagers are disgusting.

yeah people are stupid i know people who started sleeping with guys at the age of 10. i myself have lost my virginity at 16, but it was because i was in a serious relationship for 2 years before and is still in a relationship. i also hate that in our generation people think that they need to have children at the age of 13 or even get married at 13 to someone who is twice their age and obviously a man who just wants ass. yeah and i don't think the next generations going to be better their young parents are already giving them cellphones at the age of 6.
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