Zionists Using Their Ownership of the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank and World Central Banking Try to Create and Control a One World Government.

Please read "How A Country Dies" first:


The People of the United States MUST ABSOLUTELY abolish the Privately Owned Federal Reserve NOW!

Here is why:

The Zionists are Using Their Ownership of the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank and World Central Banking to Try to Create and Control a One World Government. The Zionists are foreigners, yet everyone else is prohibited from owning stocks of the Federal Reserve Bank but them. The Zionists also hold absolute control over the mainstream media.

The Zionists already have so much money, that money is not a goal anymore, total world control is, and these are psychopaths.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, this fact is Court ruled, but the Zionist want you to believe it is:

The Zionist are against all sovereign nations and by motive are completely against the United States, this begs the question of why they are even in Our Government at all. The following will answer this question completely. The Zionists want to create and control a One World Government, with everyone else as slaves.

Let it be known that Zionists own the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, and merely print money, and then give it to the United States Government, and CHARGE INTEREST ON IT! 40-50% of the People of the United States tax dollars are used to pay this interest annually. The Federal Reserve is classified as a non-profit corporation, yet makes profit much in excess of 84 Billion a year, and PAYS NO TAXES ON IT!

The strategy of the Zionists is to try to destroy the United States economically, making China number one economically and militarily, then from that point, they will attempt to use their ownership and manipulation of World Central Banking to further impose Zionist policies in the United States by threatening and buying politicians and selling them on insidious policies.

The Zionists are working hard on this goal, and are making strong progress in economically ruining the United States, this means that the Zionists first step in their strategy is nearly complete.

Currently, the Zionists most prized tactic is to reduce intelligence in the United States by causing brain damage, and dumbing down education, this will destroy the ability of the United States to produce required GDP. The following are proven to cause brain damage, reduce IQ, cause early onset Alzheimer's and Autism, and apathy in the American public:

Fluoride in the drinking water supplies. Proven to cause brain damage and lower IQ.

Chemtrails of aerosolized Aluminum nano-particles in the air. Aluminum is proven to cause brain damage, Alzheimer's, Infertility, Sterility, Autism, destroys the environment causing global warming:


Ted Gunderson an FBI official explains Chemtrails:


Aluminum and Mercury in vaccines, which is proven to cause brain damage, and Autism.

Poisons in the food. Monsanto GMO is very poisonous and Aspartame is proven to cause brain damage.

Common Core is meant to dumb-down education across the United States.

A dual effect is that stupid, apathetic people are easy to control.

The Zionists have lobbied / advertised / sold Congress all of the above by telling Congress lies, falsifying product studies and scientific data, and buying politicans and Congressional members with "gifts" and "contributions". The Zionists are able to do this because they own the Federal Reserve Bank and have accumulated 500 trillion dollars making money no object, and use this money to get politicians to appoint Zionists into key government positions. Congress and the President are also scared of the Zionists and right now, are doing everything the Zionists tell them to. For example, after the Zionist crashed the economy in 2008, they told Congress that if Congress didn't pass the bailouts, there would be Marshall Law. This frightened Congress into passing the Bailouts, which never should have been done, and now the United States is in a much worse economic position than it was at that time.

The Zionists have already, by crashing the economy in 2008, wiped out most of the wealth of the middle class and lower class, and put them deep into debt and onto welfare. The Zionists are currently manipulating an increased price of oil and food so this debt will increase.

Currently, the Zionists are already setting up another economic crash, and a another false flag in addition to 9/11. The Zionists will try to do these things to put the final crush on the United States which will finish off their job that is already half-done. The United States Dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on, and the Zionists are propping up the dollar by buying bonds, and putting interest rates at near 0% so that banks borrow money and buy stocks, banks are now extremely heavily invested in stocks. Countries like Russia and China are dropping the United States dollar completely. Because of this the United States Dollar will crash, and when it does the stock market will tank, and all the banks heavily invested in stocks will fail, this will wipe out all the wealth of ALL the American people, rich, middle class, and poor.

Already, the United States is already 17.5 trillion in debt, the citizen's share of this debt is $55,071.96 per person. When the next crash happens, the dollar having no worth at all, the whole nation will be completely broke with nowhere to turn. The United States military will be completely unfunded and fully broken.

The Zionists, privately owning the Federal Reserve Bank and World Central Banking, won't let Congress audit it, so Congress doesn't even know what is going on, or where the Zionist money flows are going. The Zionists are trying to buy up all the gold, because gold is money that holds real value.

After the Zionists have most of the gold, and the United States is in economic and military shambles, with the American public and workers being low intelligence, poorly educated, on welfare, or too poor and weak to physically work, a recovery through manufacturing or construction will be impossible, and the Zionists will attempt to consolidate their power worldwide through their ownership of the Federal Reserve and World Central Banking and ownership of almost all the Gold, to attempt to force the world onto a Zionist controlled One World Currency.

At this point China, being advised by the Zionist, and being economically and militarily the number one superpower, and Communist, will threaten the politicians in the United States militarily and economically, and will pay the politicians HUGE sums of money to implement full control of the American People, this means that everyone will have to have a MANDATORY micro-chip implant. This will be considered absolutely necessary to keep the politicians safe from the People. If any person does anything the Zionists or the Politicians don't like, their implanted microchip, which has all their money on it electronically, will be turned off. If the Zionists get this far in their plan, everyone else worldwide will be slaves.

DARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memories:


But We The People don't have to accept this Zionist direction of events.

We Can Stop The Zionists Now.

We The People MUST IMMEDIATELY Abolish the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank.

Abolish the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank now, and the Zionists will then give up because without owning and controlling the Federal Reserve Bank or World Central Banking, their plans absolutely cannot work. They will give up completely because their failure would be imminent and guaranteed. All the Zionist policies in the United States listed above would stop. This would mean no more chemtrails in the air, no more GMO poisons in the food, no more crushing debt or inflation, no more economic crashes, no more poison vaccines, no more fluoride in the drinking water supplies, no more endless wars with terrorists that are "manufactured" by the Zionists, and no more false flags like 9/11.

The privately owned Federal Reserve can easily be completely abolished, and this can be done if there is an alternate money / currency in place, an Authentic United States gold and silver backed money.

An excellent idea is to create a fixed amount of "Authorized Gold", this would be a specific signature mix of gold and silver. Only one fixed amount of "Authorized Gold" would be created and would never be added to or taken from again, eliminating inflation.

For instance, each picogram(pg) of "Authorized Gold" would equal 1 Authentic United States Dollar Note. This would allow only 1 gram of "Authorized Gold" to equal 1 Trillion Dollars of Authentic United States "Authorized Gold" backed Dollars.

All that would need to be done is to print out 1 paper dollar per picogram of "Authorized Gold". For instance, if it was determined that 100 trillion Dollars of Authentic United States Dollar Notes was needed, 100 grams of "Authorized Gold" would be create and 100 trillion Authentic United States Dollars printed. Very Simple. This should then be used to pay China and all other holders of United States debt directly, without giving the Zionists anything at all.

100 grams of "Authorized Gold" would cost only 4 thousand dollars to create.
This should be implemented by the United States Government immediately, before any crash of the Zionist Controlled United States Dollar happens.

If the Federal Government doesn't do it, then it should be implemented at the State level and each state should have its own state backed public banks. All states would print the exact same print design on the actual Authentic Dollar Notes paper, except for a small state initials somewhere on it. The following legal description shows that this is Completely Constitutional at the State level:


We The People of the United States MUST:

Create a Movement to Abolish the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank by marching to Washington 10 Million Strong, and peacefully camping out there until Congress and the President abolish the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank.

Protests against the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank are currently happening in Germany:


Aaron Russo explains exactly what the Zionists told him they are trying to do in detail, including the microchip implant:


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Louis Farrakhan Explains the what the Zionists / New World Order / One World Government are doing:


FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Explains the Insidiousness of the Zionists:

"Unfortunately there are few key people in key positions who have made a difference, a big difference in what's happening in America today",
"Commissioned by the Rothchild family to set up the goals to control and take over the world with a One World Government":


Zionists to "Black-funding" (funding hidden from Congress) Agenda 21, to Completely Control and Depopulate Americans:



The proof that 9/11 was an inside job, the New Pearl Harbor:


The Zionists Must Go:


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