It's not a straight line for me to get where I need to. I'm doing it all on my own, and that's something I never wanted nor anticipated, and is something that I don't understand and has severely tripped and messed me up. Don't let my seemingly directionless actions or inactions fool you. I'm screwed up, but I'm also quietly assessing and testing things, people, myself. I am patient, and over time, I gather all that I observe and witness and experience, save it all for such a time that, in one fell swoop, I make a whirlwind of a drastic move. Like a volcano, like a forming funnel cloud. But, with every bit of righteousness without any unjust foul. No one could say that I won't be completely right, nor that it wasn't completely deserved, for every single party. Especially me. What I deserve, what is pending is so overdue, all of the pain I've endured from the repression of it, will only be matched and avenged by the pending pain of the repressing. So many fouls against me will not go pardoned, nor will be suffered lightly for.

You think I'm weak and nothing, now. Stupid, even, you think. It's always best to be underestimated and unsuspecting, though. Because, when I unleash, it's going to be swift and shocking, and I'm going to destroy the well-established homes built upon my suffering and tears and misfortunes forced upon me. Stepping on me to get what you want, now? Well, I'll just let you have time with it all, to enjoy, to love, to build upon, develop, and grow, while you forget what you did to me in order to have it. I want you to be so solidly attached to whatever it all is, so that when I do strike, not only will the destruction be grand, but it's going to be that much more painful, and the best part? That you will know that you had it coming, that you deserved it, that the blame rests entirely on you, the wicked.