You thought I didn't love you for who you are.It really hurt hearing that because I love everything about down to your smelly feet after you come back from the rink.I've done everything I can since you're now hundreds of miles away to make things easier.I've changed a lot, not just for you but for us.Loyalty isn't our problem, thank gosh.Its more me trusting you with my feelings, I feel like I've opened up to you too much in the past and you think I'm weak dependent without you.But that's not it.I'd just like for once you'd call me after a long day of work and even though you're tired, just sound like you want to be there on the phone with me.

No matter how much you tell me you love me and how I'm the only girl for you, its so hard to believe after all the times you've ignored me, yelled and insulted me.I'm tired of being the only one who cares.Nate, I just want you to do what I do for you.