It's hard to describe in words then
how I feel about the beautiful person
I see in you. I really would like
to express it in words, of what I
see and feel when I'm near you.
Just know these words are
half of what I feel about you
within my heart.

You're unique in so many ways
by the way you carry yourself,
so true , so soft, and caring. You just
have such amazing beauty, and charisma
within you. Your very intelligent, sentimental,
And very observant. In my eyes you're
one in a million very rare to find. I know
you have your flaws just like everyone else,
but there's something so special about you
that captivates me. Sometimes it's hard for me
to look away from you when I look at you
from afar, because when I look at you I get
lost into space. But then I know I must
turn away, because I don't want to get
caught wearing my heart upon my sleeve.
So I look away with thoughts of you
within my mind.

Don't ever believe anyone who wants to
make you feel inconsequential, because my
dear, you're much more than that you are
truly an amazing person who has a beautiful
personality, and of course very beautiful too.
"You are one in a million. ."

((((You know who ) ) ) ) ) Have a wonderful day. :) xoxo