You know I didn't do anything more wrong than your other workers have. I just don't belong, as always. It unnerves you. It bothers you. It creeps you out. It always has. You, then, must find a way to ditch me. I get it, really I do. I have kept myself at bay, and you may never understand that I need to.

Not only do I need all of the time off to myself that I can get to re-charge, but I can't reveal my real and true self to you. You get my work self, which isn't a bad thing at all! I'm professional and serious, and you know this. I'm sensitive to you! You have employed me for nearly 9 months for a reason. You know I am technically fine, but you are finally sensing something off. Yes, there is. I hear what you say and I take it seriously. Of all your workers, I think you know that I have been the one to most abide by all of your changes that you make as frequently with the windshift, whereas, even your salon coordinator will staunchly do what it is she has always done and ignore what you've said and either deny or make excuses for it when caught.

You may ask why, and I'll tell you finally, at my last hours. . . it's because I'm so very sensitive and careful and affected. It's unbelievable how much I can be, which is why I never reveal it. No, I am not a cold fish. No, I am not an abrupt person. I am the exact opposite - feeling, soulful, and intuitive - probably more than anyone you've ever met, but this kind of exact opposite doesn't fly in society, and it certainly doesn't get or keep anyone hired. No one hires a 35-year-old weepy tree-hugger. Oh, it was cute when I was a late teen and young adult, back when I weighed under 100lbs and still had innocent and fresh beautiful eyes to the world. But, I have come to learn that strength and composure is more important to society than love, gentleness, and softness. So, I play. I have strengths in that, too, the playing. I am resourceful, clever, and unfailingly logical and just. It's hard to get a thing past me if you try, which is how I know that you're firing me.

I was never sorry for being weak, but long ago, I have been made shamed to be sorry, that this is wrong, and now I conceal all that I have up my sleeve. And, what is up my sleeve is more than the Kleenex I use to wipe my weak-a*s tears with. I can sense. So, when my gut knows that we are going to lose a guest if I bring up some expired voucher, even for an instant, I expect you to trust my flakey, hippy a*s, and give me the freedom of power to do what it is I need to do, in order to keep this guest with us. Especially when I, of all people, I, the one who you are surprised by and think is odd because she doesn't call you five times a day, gives you a rare call of forewarning. And, I could have kept her with us, if only I had the go-ahead after I warned you.

And, what's worse, you know you were wrong about them. . . those "expired" vouchers. Otherwise, you would never have changed your minds of how we handle them from now on.

And, now, I'm getting fired. For what? Embarrassing you? Frankly, it's deserved! I did not lose that guest, you did! Humble up, honeys! Where is your sense of humility? You're still a young business. Yes, you're doing well, but you don't have to get there by buying your guests off (let's give them ten dollars off for voting for us in a Reader's Choice award) or by being pretentious. Why not let it come naturally? Haven't you heard of the old saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"? It applies here, with you. Find out why, now, before you fall in a way you never wanted.

You could honestly use someone like me. I'm looking out for your guests, which means I'm looking out for you. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone so deeply affected and loyal, and that's a fact. If you can't see that, then I'm glad you're firing me, because you are both idiots if you do. Give me freedom and I'll soar. Give me restrictions, and we'll be sore.