My dear beautiful, could you meet me in the quiet room for a few seconds? I would like to look within your gorgeous eyes; as we are there, come closer my dear. If you feel it too the same very warm way that I feel each time I'm standing next to you. Give me a hint while we have a few precious moments. My dear give me a clue, so I could meet my lips with yours. You just don't know how long I was craving for just one kiss from your beautiful lips. Then when we part, I'll think of that wonderful kiss that came from your soft amazing lips.

So my dear, could you meet me there for a few moments?
I wish I could show you how much I care.
Every time I look within your beautiful eyes I get this peachy feeling.
I want to slowly caress your gorgeous face, but dear I don't know if you want that too? Every time we end up in the quiet room, that's all I can think of within the moment is how can I softly touch your beautiful face, and passionately kiss your lips. But then I realize maybe it's just not the time or place. Then I just walk along wishing we could of kissed within those few moments.