My dear, It has been a while since I've written on this site. .
I really wish we could finally meet somewhere to talk, how about
during a nice little lunch? Since it's so hard to talk
with you at the place. My dear, would you? When I solve my
"Declaration of independence to commute status first, I'm
Sure you know what I mean. ;) So, would you like to meet me
somewhere for lunch? You can choose the place, and I'll be there.
I would climb up mountains just to reach your beautiful face.

The most beautiful moments is when I'm near you looking within
your gorgeous eyes; simultaneously feeling sensational warm vibes
that words can't speak. Only my silentwhispers can speak from my
heart to your's hoping you could softy feel it each time my eyes
meet with your's. I find every little precious moment with you
sensational even if it's only for a few seconds. Each time I leave
from the place, after we have our few second chats, or if it's
just seeing you smile at me, or just standing close to you it aways
makes my heart twinkle with fuzzy smiles. Then the rest of the
day I'm thinking of you; rewinding the little conversation we had, and
picturing your beautiful face, and smile with your sweet sense of humor.
Everything about you is so beautiful I just only named a few. ;)

Have a wonderful day!
"((((( From you know who))))))"