Can you please let me tell you how much I really
have been attracted to you? For a very long time
I have been drawn to your beauty that is so prominently
everything that you are. The softness of your smile always
inspires me; the sounds of your beautiful voice, could never
lack my attention. I'm always interested in what you have to say.
And if I have ever asked you to repeat yourself, it's not because
I didn't hear you, the truth is I always get lost within the beauty
of your sensational eyes. I can't help it sometimes watching the
way you walk. Your walk is so impressively cute.

I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way here, but I must say
" sometimes I really wish that I can finally tell you everything
I feel about you, not just on the two sites, but telling you while
I'm standing close to you looking into your eyes. My dear, the only reason
I haven't told you by now is, because I need to know if you really feel
the same way as I do. Or I'm waiting for you to give me a
strong indication that you want this too, secret special friends
that can share special moments of entwining together into one, and
comforting each other in a time of emotional, physical, and just to
feel like we can tell each other anything that is bothering us in our
separate worlds, be there for each other secretly kind of need. So as we part we will know secretly when we feel that lonely feeling inside, but never actually alone always surrounded with many others; we can think of all the beautiful moments that we have shared.

My dear friend, I just wish I could tell you warmly. Would you let me?
Sometimes I feel like this is getting no where. I know we can't ever be, but there's times when I just want to let this feeling go by without admitting
to myself I wish I could finally tell you, instead of daydreaming away, and posting on here not knowing for sure if you are on here. But the real question is how do you feel? If you do not feel the same I really must
get over this, but yet I will always have a soft spot for you within my heart.

( ( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) ) )