Before I fell asleep last night, visions of your beauty
captivated my mind. I thought of your beautiful smile,
the smile that makes my heart twinkle with this feeling
of such desire as if I could feel your lips upon mine.
I thought of your beautiful eyes of green with the
touch of blue. Ooh, I thought of your gorgeous walk
too. My dear, everything about you is amazing I just wish
I could warmly caress your beautiful face while I tell you.

I then grabbed my pillow, holding it wishing it was you.
Within moments I turned over and fell asleep. However, I don't
know if I dreamt of you, but I do know I have woken up this morning
with you on my mind. I was wondering if it was you who wrote that post
that I replied to? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. All I know is you mean
a lot to me, and I will never get tired of saying on here just how beautiful
you truly are. My dear, it's just moments away from being within your beautiful presences. I hope I can have a little time to just look within your
gorgeous eyes while we have a few moments to chat. But if we can't just
know my heart and my thoughts will drift into the air hoping they will
softy reach over to you. Until then I will see you soon.

( ( ( ( You know who))))))" xoxo