Could you read my face without any words?
My evey expression is so obvious; within your
presence I'm always wearing my heart upon my sleeve.
My smiles are very extended, because I'm looking at someone
as beautiful as you. The moment I say hello to you, my thoughts,
and feelings want to gently kiss you "without any words."

Each time I look within your beautiful eyes of green/ blue I
hesitate to say any words, because I'm amazed by your sensational
vibes when I get lost into your eyes. Momentarily, all surroundings
seems as if it's an empty room, because all of my attention is only on
you. Can you tell without any words that I'm thinking of you?
I just want you to know without saying any words the next time
you're standing close next to me try to listen to my heart beat
it's telling you so much without any words.

"((((( From You know who ) ) ) ) "