Within These Secrettalk Secrets

Within these SECRETTALK secrets I write about what my heart cries out for words of undying devotion and passion and desires of moments when hearts are expressed in a moment of physical affections, how when two bodies join, the flames of love burn so great, the reality of this world melts away, leaving only a paradise love has created. The love opens the eyes to a world blinded before and the wonderful feeling of being with that special someone that makes you believe anything is possible and any dream can come true. But yet they sit within these secrets never to be read by a woman I adore. For there is no one my heart is enchanted by who my words can touch her heart so tenderly. So here they will stay until the time when the girl my heart cries for comes to me and frees the words of my love for her and only here.
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anonymous user
You know, if you spent a bit more time figuring out what the words, you're trying to use, actually mean, you wouldn't sound so dumb when they're read by people who know how they are used.

"The love opens the eyes to a world blinded before"

Let's take that as an example. If your eyes are the ones that were closed, it's not the world that was blinded before. See?

Do you really want some girl with more than half a brain to read that and laugh her head off at how stupid it is? No, right?

Go sign up for remedial English or something.
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