I'm reaching your beautiful face with my
fingertips caressing ever so gently upon
your cheeks. I whisper softy to you, and
tell you how much I really adore you.
"All of this is taking place In the quiet room."
We both are standing so close to each other as
if we're ready to share a gentle french kiss.
I can feel your gentle lips upon mine; your
gorgeous body pressed against mine. I'm
feeling so amazed with goosebumps down
my spine. As we took a pause I looked within
your beautiful eyes, as you whispered and said
"we must get back into the room" before someone
comes in," you said it with gentle smiles.
As we both walked out into the corridors with
smiles and laughter. As we got close to entering
the room I suddenly woke up looking around
my bedroom realizing it was only just a dream.
At the same time a tear drop fell from my cheek
with feelings of heart break and despair hoping
one day we can share that special moment.

Lately I've been regretting not telling you just
how much I really care about you. I should have
told you before it was too late for even a simple
goodbye. The most painful part was not being
able to hug you for one last time. I'm really
hoping that I do see you again, and this isn't
our final departure.

I have been really busy lately with all kinds
of adventures going on with family and friends,
and of course working on projects. Through all of
this, you're still on my mind and within my heart.
I'm still feeling your presence nearby even though
we are world's apart. I really wish I could see you
again just to get that special hug goodbye, for it
was left unsaid. I really wish I haven't hesitated
that day with the gift I have given you I was also going
to give you the letter I have wrote telling you
how beautiful you truly are, and about all the posts
I have written for you on both sites. However, I didn't
want to scare you away, so I discarded it, but I remember
exactly every word. My dear, if we ever meet somewhere
for lunch I promise I won't pressure you, nor pour all
my feelings on you. All I would love to do is look within
your gorgeous eyes of green/blue hoping you could
feel my feelings I have for you. My dear, most of all
I would love a gentle hug from you.

Love "((you know who))"
Have a nice day. :)