We're somewhere within a cozy kind of sybaris atmosphere;
with dimming lights, and soft easy listening music surrounding
us. We are so captivated within each other's eyes, without words
spoken we slowly reach over , suddenly we're lost into a soft
passionate momoment of a deep french kiss. I stopped for a second
to tell you how beautiful you truly are simultaneously as I'm caressing
your gorgeous face.

Then, we slowly lay down next to the fireplace getting under
the silky smooth blankets, and I say to you, "you're so amazing," as
I look within your beautiful eyes holding you. I then whisper in your ear,
" would you let me make love to you?" "If you don't want to that's ok too,"
just as long as I could have this beautiful moment holding you close within
my arms. "

This is one of my daydreams I have of you.
At times when I'm near you I think to myself,
and when I look within your lovely eyes,
how would it feel to deeply kiss you. I know for sure
it would be truly amazing.

(((((You know who ) ) ) ) ) Havea wonderful day ; )