Synic is someone who seems to be very controling. Always wants everything their way, or they carry on with such a moody attitude. This person synic thinks they know everything better than anyone else. This person also likes putting other people down to make their self look better. Cynic is someone who cares only about their self, and gets a thrive out of being ignorant with certain people who they don't like. Cynic only likes to talk about him/her self, and when the other person talks cynic gets ignorant and uninterested, because cynic only wants to talk about cynic! I got this feeling that synic has Bipolar disorder. It's sometimes so obvious the way this person caries their self.
Synic is also a very bitter, selfish, and a jealous person. Synic also, has nothing else better to do than criticizing people's posts that has nothing to do with sync . Well ,that's my theory of Cynic .