No one knows better than me how non reciprocation before I begin this I want to say sorry for maintaining silence.
I don't even know what I am going to write here but one thing is sure I know you understand that even if we don't reply yet our hearts speak‚Äč to each other and today somehow I felt you were disturbed so it made me come here again.
I embraced silence .many reasons for that.many things play in my mind I am totally confused.I felt I am making myself fool walking this path because I can't see the light. my incapibility .
love is not difficult and loving you is so easy that I don't need to question myself for that.
At times reading between lines is so tiring trust me it gives such an awful feeling when thoughts of misreading strike my heart.It breaks my heart to thousand pieces so I just prefer to stay away from this world.
I just watch from far it pains staying away but the dilemma the uncertainty scares me cos I know I love you more than myself and for this love I have built dreamhouses since long though of glasses that can be broken any moment of time.
When the morning breeze confuses me when I can't smell your essence I just put my hands on my heart and repeat the magic words wishing you stay well.
I can embrace silence forever if I know you are not here because every letter I write it's only for you or else I have no need to run through this confused lanes.
Long ago I could have left but somewhere I still believe you are here.I might misread some but somewhere my heart feels your touch.
I don't know whether other's should feel jealous of my scenario or not but I need to tell you I only love to talk to you and with you.
May be it's a dangerous game but since how many years I am into it I have lost it's count.
I know I am walking through fire and any miscalculated step will destroy me forever.
Sometimes I feel you don't understand me nor I understand you so I take myself away letting my heart to do the talking in silence.
Anyways I don't know what I have written neither I am going to read it because it's written for you and I don't need to be perfect for you every time.
Sometimes it's better to reveal the raw haphazard disturbed thought so that you know there is someone who is madly in love and speaks randomly even without knowing where you are.