This beautiful heart felt feeling in many ways
Makes my heart just want to say your gorgeous
name in different beautiful words. No words
could describe the beauty of all of you.
When I think of you, it makes me feel as if
I'm floating on silky smooth clouds, that takes
me into a beautiful world of feeling your presence
within my heart keeping you close next to my dreams.

When I think of you, I feel like meeting your lips with mine.
I sometimes picture holding you close looking within your
beautiful bright pools of green, and a touch of blue.
I really wish I could gently touch your beautiful face.
When my heart feels bright with smiles within
I see someone who is very amazing, sentimental, caring in many different ways, very interesting, intelligent, and of course beautiful. Then, each time
when I see you, and while I'm looking within your eyes, this is what's running through my mind as I'm standing close to you," when I think of you." I wish one day I could whisper to you, " you're one beautiful amazing person" while I reach slowly over to you hoping that we could passionately share our first kiss.

"(((( You Know who ) ) ) " Have a wonderful day. :)