So I recently realised I think I'm a Lesbian. Anyway I have liked this girl for Soo long. Too long. And she just decided to talk to me on Facebook a few days ago. She asked did I want to come to hers because she was attracted to me. Like wow I couldn't of been any f*****g happier you know? So I went to Hers and we kissed etc, it was over all a really good time and since I'm always down and sad, going to hers made me feel .happy, for once I was happy! Couldn't be better. Then she went on telling me she liked me, I told her I liked her, it was all fine. Then the next few days she decides to tell me she's 'sorry' and that I 'deserve better' thats she's got other thing s going on. I can understand she has problems too but you don't tell me you f*****g love me then go and f**k off. I can feel myself falling back into depression and I just don't f*****g know anymore. I'm so done. I haven't done anything to deserve this.