Why is there this constant pressure to be normal? I'm not normal. I've tried. It's beyond my control. People will belittle you and make you feel excluded because you're not "normal." You don't think "normal," you don't act "normal," you're on the fringes. People always having to apologize for speaking their own minds. It's gotten to the point where we're so sterilized and sanitized that we can't even say what we really think anymore. That's dangerous. We're hiding our true intentions in the name of political correctness and trying to be liked by other people. Now we have to be more scared than ever because of character assassination, doing things that aren't accepted by "normal" people and risking being publicly defamed and humiliated on Twitter. And people pile onto this mentality with virtue signaling and pretending like they're for every great cause. Nobody is that perfect. We all have a dark side to us. Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't make it go away. It still exists inside.

And so what is normal? Pretending you're like everyone else? Putting kids above the rest of us? Dumbing down society in the hopes of "inclusion" while alienating everyone else? God, I'm so f*****g sick of this world. So. F*****g. Sick. Of. It.

I can't even f*****g cuss on this website. My freedom of expression being limited. That's how pervasive this sterilization is to our culture. The words still exist out there, even with the asterisks in place. But let's pretend it doesn't for the children.