I just got what I want: my hours cut from work. Not only is this a long weekend, but I now have Tuesday off as well. I received my schedule for the next week, and right-o, 2 days off. That, my darlings, is the PERFECT work week. I'm already breathing, I'm already not hating people so much. I'm already starting to feel powerful and stronger.

In this case, what I wanted is also what I needed. Aside from me moving back home, cutting hours from work was the next important change that needed to happen - the foundations for changing my life into NuLife. Without these two, what comes next for me would never happen.

Oh boy, this is exciting. NuLife is beginning NOW.

But, I still have to learn to prioritize.

Spending hours looking at replacement bicycles for my beater: a waste. I mean, it WON'T be a waste, but I've been without, and haven't rid my beater all year, and summer is essentially over. I have a bus pass to get around with. It'd be fun and handy and active - all great, granted - but, what I NEED is a car for when I move to PEI. So, I stopped looking up bikes and local bike shops. I was going to visit bike shops on Tuesday, but I'm going to write my driving test, instead.

There. Fixed it.

What I WANT is to be high for creativity, art, and depth of thought, both fun and work. What I NEED is to get healthy after all these years of using the stuff to keep clocked out of OldLife. I'm still not fully well since being sick, and since I haven't had any form of cannabis for two weeks and my mind feels no clearer, and body still tired, I need to focus on getting my sober self healthy. I never cared about my health much, before. That's because I had it, probably. But, I have noticed myself feeling age, lately. Steve and I went bowling, yesterday, with all the kiddies there for rock and bowl, and felt not so in my element while shaking my bum to the music. I felt the almost 40 that I am, soft and waggy, if not a little flappy or flabby, definitely flumpy. I'm not as big as I had been in the past, but I can feel the excesses, and in a younger and fitter crowd, felt pretty old and oafish. Not the superstar I am. I don't mind my age, which is lucky as I have no control over it, but I don't have to feel or look it. I can help this. So, instead of ordering a heap of cannabis that doesn't even do what I want it to anymore, I'm going to order some quality vitamins/supplements that a friend of mine recommended to me a year ago, change my diet, and get a Fit Pass to my local gym to join in on classes on my days off. I can be almost 40, but if I'm going to be a public figure and impress, I'm going to have to be a bit more physically fine-tuned than this.

What I WANT is a quick fix to this broken heart love thing, some instahusband for life. What I NEED is to be a fully developed and healed powerhouse for myself, to reconnect with humanity and adjust my attitude about people.

What I WANT is to go outside and play, today. What I NEED to do is nap and then do what I haven't yet done since being here: unpack.