Maggie, you gave me hope and love and a whole lot more.I fell for you hard.When you dumped me for him I wasnt concerned about me, my heart..I orried for yours, your safety..he cut you darling.He hurt you.I soon realized he seemed somewhat better..but you were changing, suddenly I was lost, I wasnt yours and you didnt love me or like me..what killed me though Maggie is you still held me and kissed me.Gawd I loved it but it hurt.Now everythings wrong.Its been two months and you still dont like me.I'm still falling hard for you.He broke your heart and I couldnt protect you.Sweety I can never give you what a guy can..with me you would never be normal, but I give you love.My whole heart and I will guard you forever with whatver is left of my life.You'll always love him but sweety I will never let you go either, you own me forever.I am so sorry.