Right before I fell asleep last night, I had my head phones on listening to music; then I took them off, I guess that's when I dozed off to sleep. I had the most incredible dream of you my dear. I dreamt that we were at the place there was a lot of people, then suddenly I can't remember, but some how we
Ended up in the quiet room we started talking joking around with each other, suddenly we looked at each other seriously, while spontaneously moving closer to each other then you said softy, "could I kiss you?" I was like, " of "course I thought you'd never ask." I felt so amazingly excited, I told you how much I was craving a kiss from you. We then passionately kissed. It felt as if it was so real. We were whispering to each other, I wasn't sure what we were saying, you know how dreams are, but I do know the feelings in the dream felt so real.

In the dream, you looked so beautiful as you do in the real. Your eyes, smile, and gorgeous face felt so real in my dream last night. Then I woke up with such a great feeling, but then I said to myself, " if only this could happen for real." Wow, what a beautiful dream. I wish to have more dreams like last night more often, better yet I wish it could come true. ;)

( ( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) )