Welcome home

I lack riches
I lack fame
Surplus of faith
Walking down the road
You part and pave my way
One night i caught a glimpse
Of what May have been love
All at once it changing forms from what
Used to be a diamond in the rough
To a heartless dark pitt of fire, sticks and, shrubs
I peered in see what lies beneath
I stumbled down
Head throbbing, my vision blurred
Ears ringing, and my mouth full with fistfuls of my blood
A lay there until my vision returns
I look around to see others in shackles and chains
I shut my eyes in the hopes
I awaken from this dream
What just happened ? Where am I?
One man sarcastically speaks
This is the s**t Hollywood should have shown
It's what? What happened to white dresses, doves, smiling faces, and back rubs
This is no Hollywood cinema
Just a bottomless pit that burns hot
It swallows you whole, and spits out what's left of your soul
How can I get out?
You can't, no way out once love takes a hold
Nothing we can do no but get comfortable
welcome home