I didn't post of it here, but ever since Derek has moved back to town, he has been at my apartment more than his place. He just invites himself and stays, or if he's out and about, he'll stop in several times a day, and then later to wind down and, oftentimes, crash. This has been extremely detrimental to my moving efforts here, which caused me to bemoan his invasions. I'm kinda ticked, because I outright asked him to move in here with me a year and a half ago, which would have helped me and prevented me from having to move home now, and he shot that down immediately like no one's business. But, we were and have continued to see each other in a way so frequent and steady, that it is like living together, anyway. So, I don't get why not. Now that I'm for sure moving and have already made several trips with boxes and light sticks of furniture, it's like he's waiting for the same invite, which I will not give again. Like, really, if he would have just moved in with me when I asked, neither one of us would be in this situation and neither of us would need to move back in with parents, now. Dingle.

But yesterday, he left for a vacation for a week, his first plane ride and venture outside of Canada. I won't be hearing from him the entire time. I mean, great. I was secretly so excited for it. I'll get to do a lot this week without him (I'll have to really force myself, but this place is quickly falling apart, literally, and I need out ASAP), but shït if I don't already miss the heck out of him, and am feeling mopey and too tired to do anything after work.