end up hurting ourselves
and other innocent people.
You and I know,
that our LOVE is not ordinary.

We have loved each other,
since we were magnificently created.
I can love you when ever I want,
And so can you!

Just because it is not in the physical,
it does not mean,
that you and I can not love,
in the astral realms.

Morally/ethically speaking,
you and I have already bonded.
We are always together,
in spirit and this is what
makes our LOVE so unique.

Come to me,
my love,
when ever you desire.
I will make certain,
that I am always,
there for you.
My heart is,
wide open.

Loving you,
is so easy when I can,
be there with you anytime.
All you have to do is,

When we find peace within ourselves,
my beloved,
we know we have made it home.
Loving you comes naturally,
if I can't have you in the physical,
I will always have you in the astral.
There are so many ways of loving.