Endless fights.Kicking nd screaming.Crying and sinking.Endless nights.Never sleeping! =(
My mom almost killed my dad,but that's ok.My sister is here with me and I'm glad I'm not alone.I'm so glad!But she's leaving now And I'll have to be alone with them and I'm kinda scared!Will it ever end?

I'll spend valentine's day alone.Again!.But that's ok cause it's my dad's birthday as well and I'll watch Brazil play far far away from home.I'll just celebrate my dad's birthday for a while and then I'll disappear.

I'm just rethinking everything I've done in the past few years and I want to change.That's all I've been wanting lately.Changes!I want to start working,have a boyfriend,make friends,etc.I need to live my life and stop worrying about my family.

They've been driving me crazy for so so long.Truth is,I don't want to care about anything anymore.I always care too much about people around me and forget to live my life.

Guess it's time for a few changes.I love my family but I don't want to be like them.

I want more!