I miss my great grandpa. I can't remember a lot about him from when I was little, but what I do remember was pretty awesome. He told a lot of stories. He was always really poor, and he always had a good story about how he would build his own things or make his own toys and they would end up better than what was at the store because not only were they special, but they lasted longer. He gave me this little jumping man that he carved out of wood when he was young. I still have it. I play with it sometimes. I keep it in a very safe place. It's one of my most prized possessions. Even more important, I think, than the jewelry I got from my grandma.
Too bad he got Alzheimer's and progressively got worse as I grew older. I didn't like him after that.
I had to help him walk a lot because he had a hard time moving around and my grandpa and great uncle walk really fast, so they would often leave us behind. He was really sweet when I pulled him along with us. He would smile and hold tight to my hand. I try to remember him like that.
When we got to his house he would change. I look a lot like my grandpa's mom (my great grandpas first wife.) She died very young. He always thought I was her.
At first it was just that he would cry sometimes when I told him I had to go. He would beg me, with tears in his eyes-- "Please don't leave me. Please." Sometimes he would beg me just to come back and see him another day. Tell me he'd miss me a lot, and stress that he loved me.
After I started spending more time out there, because he had gotten worse and I was helping care for him, he started trying to kiss me and hug me inappropriately. It made me feel disgusting. I don't miss that part of him at all.
I hope my grandpa doesn't end up like that. I don't know what I would do. . . Hell, I hope I don't end up like that either. I hope that no one does.
F**k Alzheimer's.