Can it even be real that there is a weed dispensary delivery service locally, that I already was visited to register with today and am currently waiting for my order to be delivered in 20 minutes? All I needed to do was agree that I understood how the delivery system works and show my health card. Didn't even need a med license. Interesting times we're living in!

I couldn't help but order some. I was planning on getting some through the mail order service Derek uses, but now he found this, and I decided to adopt it for myself. I mostly needed to see it work for me (as so many things don't). I think I'll just let Derek think I'm still dependent on him for a bud source. It bodes better for me, really. Sorry, kid. I just rather have more incentive to visit him if he thinks that his bud supply sweetens the deal to my visiting. Besides, I won't be seeing him tonight. He ~said~ he was going to his buddy's place in Toronto. It smelled like a lie, but whatever. Just add it to the collection of disappointing behaviours of him. He may not be lying, but one lie more or less hardly makes a difference at this point.

The sex is physically as hot as you'd want it, really, but the disconnect and lack of romance and love is a complete turn off. I can't climax, but I can't leave it alone. I love and hate it all at the same time.

This is my 38, folks. A little off the beaten path, and kinda frustrating and sad, but interesting, too. It's indeed an experience! Cheers.