At this moment, I'm standing close to the window just starting outside watching the nice atmosphere on this bright sunny morning. As I'm starting straight ahead, suddenly visions of your beauty captivates my thoughts. I'm rewinding every brief precious chats we have, and how lucky enough each time I get a few seconds to gaze within your beautiful eyes of green with a touch of blue. My dear friend, you just have this special beauty within you (inside and out)) that inspires me so much.

I just want to say you're beautiful in every aspect, even when you
look exhausted from working too hard, and having so much going on; your beauty is so prominent that your exhausted look wouldn't even show, because that's how beautiful you truly are. Just remember, if your moments get rough just know I am spiritually holding you tight, and thinking of you.

Ps. Have a wonderful day and night.
((((( You know who)))))