that I never want to see vis-à-vis, again!
If I had been strong at the time I was being constantly abused (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually), I would have told them in their faces what I think of them.
Time has passed and I feel better off without them, in my life.
They only gave me suffering, pain, anxiety, depression, sadness, humiliation, angst, stress, pressure and endless feelings of being unwanted.
I don't need to go there or re-live anything with them, anymore.
I am much stronger now and because these people are not in my life to give me trouble, I am much better off without them!
I also wanted to say, *******! to the people who never believed me or never gave me a life line, when I needed it the most.
I hope all you monsters who judged me and went along with the BS, suffer just like you made me suffer and I hope no one gives you a lending hand in time of need.