For several years my heart have been
beating for you. Each time that I seen
you my words came out silent with only
my eyes looking within your's; I got caught
with breathless air where my words slipped
into my thoughts, saying "this isn't the time,
or place." I now feel that I should've told
you every word. The most hurtful part is I
have unfinished words I wish I could've
whispered to you.

Word's that I couldn't tell you, but I've always
day dreamed of the time and place. My dear,
simultaneously as I reaching for your beautiful
face, with my fingertips upon your cheeks caressing
them so gently, as I'm gazing within your gorgeous
eyes; "I need to tell you that I have feelings for you."
"Can I kiss your soft lips, and hold you tight?" If you
don't want to I'll walk away, and I will respect your
answer. "But if you want to I'd love to be your special
friend." I'll be your shoulder if you're having a bad day. "
"We can talk about anything you want to talk about, even
if you just want to vent I'll be there to listen." I'll be
someone who will be thinking of you when we our
apart, and feel all alone even when we our surrounded
by many people within our different world's.
we can be secret friends that see each other
whenever we can.

My dear, I really wish we haven't ended things the way
that we did, but I guess it wasn't any of our faults. Like you
have said not to long ago, " it is what it is." Very true I'm
now able to move on, but I do need to do one thing before
I can let it go, and truly move on; I wish I could see you
again, so I could get a hug from you; the hug I really wish
I could've gotten the day that it closed down. When I walked
out that door a tear drop fell from my cheek, and all I could
think of was you. I kept it all inside I didn't want to show
my heart break to anyone, but now I'm better.

I'm just wishing to see you there, in the corridors Friday
you know the place, and time, 10:30 am even if it's just
for a few moments just as long as I could have that
hug from you. Also, it would make my day to see your
smiling face, and your beautiful eyes.

Love ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) )