First of all, if this isn't the person I posted that for, then please I'm not asking for your advice! Second of all, you don't know anything about thiis Unless, your the person I was writing to. Otherwise you can mind your own business! Besides how do you know what my bed is made of? And how I made it? However, I'm not trying to look over the other side of the fence, nor am I looking for greener golden grass. Also, I'm not taking anything anyone for granted! Besides you don't know what you're talking about that post wasn't pertaining to you at all, so please mind your own business!

By the way, sometimes feelings for a particular individual doesn't mean your going to act on them. We are all human with emotions, and loving desires. We all have a right to our own fantasies, and yes I really do care for this person, but I know I can't act on it. I only come on here to express my feelings for this person, since I would never tell anyone outside of here. . Wait! What am I doing explaining anything to you? Again, this has nothing to do with you! Mind your own business!

You almost sound like Cynic!