You know how you have those that are so shy and introverted; hard on themselves, and never good enough?

Well then there's those who think way too highly of themselves.

I'd call it balance but it's just f*****g ridiculous!

You think you're fat? Make healthier life choices! Stop being down on yourself and get healthy.

They left you for someone else? Suck it up! Stop blaming and hating. Maybe they left you because of your spiteful attitude that comes oozing out in posts and surely off your forked-tongue.

Be honest with yourselves!

I see so many posts from people on either side of the self-esteem spectrum. But what really gets me is the posts about how much better one person is in comparison to another. F**k that! Everyone is flawed. Over-confidence is just as unhealthy.

Surely I'll get hateful comments. I'm just saying that some people need to be raised up, and some need to be knocked down a few pegs.

Quit judging, especially those you've never met.

Enter the "But, you're judgemental" comments: