I thought about you last night. I couldn't get you out of my mind. Thoughts of you kept pouring in. It was so hard for me to find the peace and joy that I felt when you were here with me. I now feel so empty. You are so far from me. I reminisce the times we shared, all of the fun and laughter we had. Those times meant more to me than anything. Now I am alone and I feel so bad. Loneliness encircles my heart, it is tearing me into two. If only I could see you again, I would make it all up to you. My eyes often look for you. My heart is overflowing with tears. Inside I am dying when I think about those past years. I'll never get over you and the role you played in my life but, now it's too late and it cuts me like a knife. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted us to be a family. I wanted you to understand and see that there is so much more deep inside of me. So much love that I have left to give. So many emotions that still exist. Somehow I will make you see that I want you to be a part of this. All I am asking you for is another chance. All I want to do is make you smile. I would do anything to have you back even for just a little while. My world is shattered like a glass that just hit the floor. In my mind I see you all of the time and I long to be wherever you are. I will always love you. You will always hold a place in my heart. Even though I know it will never be the same because we are so far apart.