Today Took A Turn

Well, my sweet boy tried to take me out for a nice crab dinner as a way to get my mind off of everything, but the place was packed, so we ended up going to Inn N Out where a nerdy, gay Furry party was taking place. There were a good 60+ people dressed in everything from full furry costumes (mostly foxes and wolves but I did see a coyote, an elk, and a snow leopard) to short shorts, a tail, and ears.

It was pretty hilarious.
I was messaging my friend in the UK who is about to get back surgery and I was taking photos of these people for him, and he was like "it's weird to see the world from your perspective. I'm usually taller than everyone else in the room".

Love it.
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Fur Suiters: Creeping me right the f**k out since 1992.
When have you ever seen a furry party that wasn't jam packed with wolves and foxes? It's what we in the wierd s**t community call having no goddamn imagination. But there again what would you expect from a bunch of bleeding heart liberal hippies? Now understand I like furries and I even like furry porn but I still think fur-suiters are the weirdest m***********s I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with aside from model train enthusiasts.

It could be worse though. I once saw a Klan meeting at KFC. Now understand when I say clan meeting I mean goofy robes, pointy hats and everything but the nooses.