I was told yesterday from a co-worker that so many people she meets in this town know who I am, and that I'm well loved. That rocked.

Today, I came into work and a huge plastic Happy Birthday banner and garland was covering my entire work space, and a bouquet of gourmet cookies made up to look like flowers was awaiting me. A birthday card was signed by several co-workers (the sushi lunch crew and bullpen frequenters). This, again, rocked.

People effing love me, and it's fantastic. It's unprecedented. This week, I've had I think 8 friend requests on Facebook. I'm usually lucky if I get one every two years.

Best birthday prezzy was the receptionist who I've trained to assist me stocked in every single car that landed, last night, so all I had to do today was enter keys on the board. I even finished up work early and was allowed to leave at the same time another co-worker left, so I got a ride home.

Even got a compliment with a birthday wish from Derek, who I imagine I'll be spending the night with and his friends, and any of my friends, as I open my doors to any and all, tonight.

I'm well stocked up for today, but I'm so exhausted, I'm not sure what I'll end up getting into. Well stocked with booze, too, but even now, I'm not really sure what my taste is for my first drink in a year, or even if I really am in the mood for it. Too busy cleaning, and have to eat. Have to bathe, and really need sleep (doubtful that's going to happen), have to doll up to the nines, have to relax!

But, what a nice full day of friends and well wishes.