Good morning my dear friend,
I just want to say I want to look
Within your gorgeous eyes today,
and while I do I'll will be thinking
of kissing you.

I really love when we have our little
few moments to chat. I also love
standing close to you it makes me
feel like putting my arms around you.
I just wish I was able to tell you secretly
of how much I really adore you in so
many ways. Starting with the beautiful
person you are. You're just amazing in
every aspect. I really want to tell you
in such a soft whisper as I look within
your gorgeous pool's of green and a touch
Of blue. Could that ever be possible?
I've been wondering do you want me to
finally tell you, and do you have any
idea of how I feel about you?

Tell me my lovely dear, how would you
like me to tell you how I truly
feel about you? And how much I
want to hold you into my arms ,
while I kiss you so deeply that all
we can feel is our hearts beating , and
entwining into one?

(((((You know who ) ) ) ) ) xoxo