I thought of you this morning, but I wasn't able to
Write to you like I do every Thursday morning. It's not that I have
Forgotten you, or that you haven't came across my mind, because my dear
no matter what I'm doing a vision of your beautiful face and smile always
Awakens my heart that when I look away to stare for a few moments, I can't help but to smile while this heartfelt feeling is making me feel so warm

I really wish you knew of my feelings for you, but each time I see you
I wish I could tell you warmly how much I really care about you. But my dear, I know we can't. I really wish I knew if you feel the same way too?
I really wish I could tell you warmly the words that I crave to tell you, and If you feel the same way I really wish I could hear your beautiful voice saying those same words too; however, I know that would be very impossible to do, but I do know deep within that each time I'm near your beautiful presences, and
Looking within your beautiful eyes I could feel and see my secret soul mate.

Your one in a million of a beautiful kind.
"To be continued" OVER THE WEEKEND ; ) When I get a chance I'll come on here for a few moments as I always love to say more of how beautiful and amazing you are. :)

Have a wonderful day! Until I see you again.

( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) )