At this moment, while everyone's asleep I'm here
awake mesmerized with thoughts of you; rewinding
Little moments into my memory when I'm lost within your
sensational vibes every time I look within your beautiful eyes.
Sometimes I have sleepless nights thinking about you wanting
to hold you close into my arms.

My dear, the last time I was within your presence I felt
so much that words couldn't say. Whenever I'm near you,
I silently tell you soft words of love each time I'm looking
within your eye's. As I'm really to fall asleep for the night
I just want to say, I've thought of you through the night.
Before I turn off the lights I just want to say I care so much
for you that I really want to say, I wish I could kiss you,
and tell you how much I wish we can entwine into one.


"((((((( You know who ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Have a wonderful morning xoxo