The withdrawls started today. I suppose that they might have started yesterday with that freakout at work, but I thought that might have been period stuff. Nope. Sweats, dizziness, headache. I don't think that any of these happened last time I quit. And, I don't recall any mood extremes back then, but I was sobbing in the tub today for absolutely no reason, exploding all over the place like the old Amy, screamed so violently at a car that I had to run past to avoid being hit by (getting real sick of this being a daily thing). She didn't even know that she almost hit me until I started screaming after her, she wasn't looking at the direction she was going even after she turned. She slowed to a near stop, 10 feet after the fact. She's lucky that she didn't get out of that car, because for the first time ever, I might have gotten physical, and I would have absolutely gone apeshit on her, and made her feel like the lowest piece of crap alive.

The fatigue and extreme mental fogginess happened before, but the rest of it? My, oh my.