I keep thinking about the stuff that I didn't get back. like my hammer and all my other work tools. that I needed now and those are expensive to buy.

I can't even build the litlle pathetic table.
because they took the parts apart,
did not bring all the parts back.
some are missing.
minor stuff.
but without them, you can't freaking build the table.
more stuff to buy.


I want to be done with this. want it done already. I know I am not strong on patience and I always try to get everything done in one day and am starting to learn and accept that it's impossible but it's been months till everything was in it's right place and I am going nuts.

I need everything back in it's place.
fixed. done and over.
so I can just live in it.
I want this to be done with. done. can't even do laundry yet from other parts missing.
I feel like my cat right now.