But, there was no mistaking that it was the name of the town.

And, this is what I'm vulnerable to, with my new truth, my new secret. You ran away. You got us bus tickets for Prince Edward Island, without even reconnecting with me first, without even asking me. You just sort of showed up, and on the bus we went. Your excuse was that your step dad was defrauding you, that he was storing away a second passport of yours that he manufactured and got in secret. He and your mom were hot on your trail, right behind us, and she climbed aboard the bus to stop you and wouldn't leave, though said nothing. Eventually, the bus started to deport with her on it, and I had to make it known that there was a stowaway, and the back doors on the bus opened, and she was carried off. We were then free and on our way to PEI. apparently.

On the bus, you told me of the passport thing, which jives with what I already knew of your family. You asked me how my life has been in the past couple of years, and I said really good. You asked if I had new friends, which I do, so I started telling you that I'm much different, now, and that I'd probably never be able to share with you that time you missed out on. You didn't at all discuss or even acknowledge your wife and child, that you obviously just ran away from them, too. And, I wasn't asking or prodding. Not that I was absolutely trusting you, though I did just hop on a bus and agreed to run away with you.

When the bus took its first stop, we were still in Ontario. Passengers got off for air, smoke break, etc. I stayed on, you got off, and when the bus reboarded, I stared at those doors, and with every returning passenger that wasn't you, my underlying fear and doubt became reality. I knew it. You did not return on the bus. You abandoned me, just as I logically knew you would. I embarrassed myself for embarking on this violent escape ride with you, and now was the time for me to pay for my saintliness. I begged to be let off the bus, when it began again. So, off I got, right at the town's welcome sign. Christine, Ontario. I was stranded, and didn't know how to get back home. Because of the long distance, my phone was dialing numbers that belonged to Chrisine locals, not my parents or friends.

I somehow made it back to my hometown, took the familiar regional bus all the way back, ended up at a pub where people who were looking for you were calling you and leaving you messages that you were hiding the fact that you had other wives and kids no one knew about.