The world is one big masquerade
And in the background I fade.
I’m not what I appear to be.
This mask is not really me.
I hide the pain with a pleasant face.
I duck behind into a secret place.
I can’t be hurt if I am not known.
My heart can’t be broken when I’m all alone.
My hiding place keeps me away.
From the terrible things in every day.
There’s hypocrisy and gossip in a world unseen.
There’s backstabbing and things just plain mean.
Maybe if I choose to creep away,
Safe and unhurt I will stay.
I know I can be better if I choose not to hide.
But I’m held back by this fear of mine.
I’m afraid to be noticed and afraid to be known.
I’d rather stay in this world of my own.
But maybe just maybe if I took chance,
My world would be filled with joy and romance.
But what if it didn’t and all my fears came true?
I don’t know if I’d be able to pull through.
Why does this world whose image is perfection
Bring forth tears and heart breaking neglection?
No matter who we try to imitate,
There’s always someone’s heart to break.
A world of destructive words and glances,
So much for giving second chances.
If you don’t fit in then you might as well change,
Because you won’t be accepted if you remain the same.
I know you may think you’re perfect just the way you are.
But someone will find something in you bizarre.
That’s when you’ll be attacked by a war of rumors.
Spreading so quickly like cancerous tumors,
Though they are done behind your back,
They hurt even worse in a secret attack
Those you thought loved you turn away.
Those who you needed leaving everyday.
Unknown fate in every breath
A fear of being stabbed with words to death.
That’s why I have this mask of disguise,
So I can’t be hated or despised.
I don’t want to be exposed to this kind of threat.
It’s too dangerous, too much of a bet.
The world is just one big masquerade
And in the background I will always fade.