When dieting, you really can't get away with too much of a hiccup. I had my cheat night, which was fine, but then there was Valentine's Day and a bottle of Pinot Grigio somewhere in between. For Valentine's Day, I picked up a bottle of champagne and Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream, which we had after a delicious seafood pasta dinner and a half litre of Chardonnay. We didn't eat the entire tub of ice cream in just one night, so that means leftovers have been ingested. And, this is how a diet comes undone and how you piss the scale and measuring tape off in less than a week.

It's not tragic. I'll lose the excess within a week or two with daily exercise. I'm just not at my lowest anymore, and my measurements have increased by the half inches I lost. I'm leaving the ice cream alone and have no more need to pick up booze for another couple of months. It just goes to show that my body really isn't ever going to be the way it was before I was 21.