It's all strategic. The scant meal tonight, the not seeing you tonight.

When I'm there, I'll attend events like tomorrow's a whole hell of a lot more. Wasn't I supposed to be some environmental ambassador or something? Yeah, got away from that, glad I'm doing something tomorrow to get back to it.

When I'm there and pick up fresh smelt after work to bring home, I'm gonna have to pick up more for her, too, because I can't fry them properly, like she does. Her smelt was the best.

You don't give me that sadface icon for saying no about seeing you tonight. It's strategy, as this event tomorrow is in your town. More prudent to just save it and maybe work around the apartment tonight. I want some things finally moved out from here, this coming weekend. Though, nothing's coming between my last St.Patrick's Day here and me.

When I'm there, I'll start cutting my work to nothing over 6 hours per day, 5 hours being ideal