I was accused of overreacting to what could have been a potentially dangerous psychological misdiagnoses.

Overreacting? As if, "oh, it's just someone's mind and life and psyche, no biggie, just chill, b***h".

Are you kidding? THIS IS SOMEONE'S LIFE! Someone's mind, someone's suffering and life-long dysfunction that you're wrong about! What the hell could be more serious than that? There is no overreacting about something as effing SERIOUS than that! You're not pursuing a career as a psychic, where the disclaimer is that it's for entertainment purposes only, where guesswork and advice is expected to be poo-pooed, This isn't an effing game for the people who need help, this is f*****g MEDICINE. And, you are treating it as a joke, like it's no big deal that you are wrong. You are a psychological danger and threat! Not only the misdiagnoses, but the shitshow that followed, including me being stalked and harassed because he can't handle me putting him in his place for it. It's scary, that someone could care more about their ego and being right and finding themselves in others, no matter how wrong they are, than actually helping people. There were texts from him, insulting me, putting me down, barking orders at me, admitting to shaking with adrenaline (rage), wanting to squeeze me until I burst (something like that), that he didn't know what would happen should we ever meet face to face again. Texts of fantasies about raping me. And, then, as I was pulling away from my driveway this morning to breakfast, THERE HE EFFING WAS, at the end of my driveway, walking to my house like nobody's business, as if it's normal (and, no, I never gave him my address), even watched him walk to my door before retreating, though he and I had a good stare at each other while I was in my dad's car, pulling away.

And, this, folks, is supposed to be a professional? A Psychologist? Oh, yes, of COURSE I have been acting like an effing arsehole to him and provoking him. Yup, indeed. Anyone left on this site all knows me here, what I can do or have done in the past here. We all know how bad and cutting I am, using truth and turning it into a weapon to strike at someone. But, he assured me that he was only in therapist mode when he sent his diagnosis. LOL! Therapists behave this way when working with their clients? Let themselves be emotionally and personally affected by their clients, let themselves show their temper and how unhinged they are? Who cares if I'm unhinged or pretend to be unhinged. That's what your job is going to entail, dipshit: mental people!

I'll bet that he simply just uses this Psychologist, highly-educated, superior mind crap to try and bedazzle otherwise weak-minded and weak-willed women (he kept slipping and calling women "girls" and correcting himself all throughout our only face-to-face meeting that lasted 5 hours, BIG RED FLAG), because he has nothing else by ways of personal, physical, or otherwise mental prowess to fall back on. No soul, no personal identity, no unique personality. Nothing but book smarts and tens of thousands of dollars wasted on an education in Psychology that he should CLEARLY not be actively pursuing as a career. THIS must be his sole go-to seduction technique - The Therapist - and it has obviously worked for him in the past or he would never be so egotistical and confident in himself (oh, you dumb girls, and yes, he's not wrong, they MUST have been girls, I'm so shaking my head over here, you did this poor sod no favours by being so gullible and stupid), and he got totally stumped with me as it backfired, didn't work, and he had nothing else in his roster to use as back-up to attract himself to me. The only power he had, he couldn't use over me, and it bloody-well broke his ADHD-addled peabrain, and he proceeded to go ape-s**t on me.

This man needs to NOT set up practise! I've told him so, told him why, and instead of seeing it as me helping not only himself, but also the whole free-f*****g mentally-ill populous, he takes it as a hit to the ego, goes defiant, takes it as a threat to him. I even offered him other avenues he should pursue in its wake! Nope! Just a threat, just a hurtful psycho who he can't help.

Great, think that, misdiagnose the crap out of me, changing your mind about your diagnoses to fit whatever immediate egotistical needs that you have in whatever instant your butthurt self has them until you're blue in the face, but I now have a moral obligation to stop this bumbling buffoon with a psych degree who intends on becoming a travelling Psychologist in his tracks, before he begins his unwitting destruction on anyone putting their money and trust into him. Anyone less self-aware, more gullible, more helpless WILL be hurt by his professional incompetence.