Restraining arms from warm embrace,
And hands that yearn to touch your
Face, I have denied, but not effaced
Their memory of you still. Determined
Feet that would have fled.

To you in a warm, but lonely bed,
I lay awake at night, instead,
Kept them shackled to my will.

From a bitter cup, I've taken sips,
Refusing soft and wanting lips
That would impart in one sweet kiss,
To you, my very soul.

I've held my tongue from speaking words
My heart demands somehow be heard.
And bids it sing like small bird this whisper
in your ear. And certain it is never wrong,
My heart would not be silenced long,
So in these words burst forth a song
That no one else can hear,

Poured out upon these pages
The words my heart must say,
As silent notes upon a score,
The tune my heartstrings play.

To you my gorgeous dear,

( ( ( ( ( You know who)))))