So it looks like you had some unresolved feelings that you did not want to take responsibility for and instead tried to make me feel crazy - like there is something wrong with me and the whole thing is my fault! Very manipulative, and to think you almost got away with it. But I am very grateful to know you are not the person you told me you were. I don’t feel crazy any more. I knew my instincts are good and I should have listened to them more closely, but you had me doubt myself. Well played! I didn’t even see it coming. Of course now I understand why its easier for your deceptions to hide with someone else - who is not very healthy, has obvious anger issues, and as you admitted, not very smart - someone disposable perhaps? When you thought you might actually feel something for me, you probably got scared and ran and tried to cover your tracks. I hope one day you stop, face your fear, and figure out who you really are. From the looks of it, that might not be your priority right now, but I hope you do, because you do have good inside you and you are worthy of love. I saw it and I hope others do too. One day.