As the gears set into the air,
as the people, objects, and sights
become small like looking through a
live globe, would you simultaneously
echo my thoughts? Because my thoughts
are going to be of you.

While you watch the beauty of the white clouds
shifting away from the skyline, know that I'm
having momentarily thoughts of your beautiful smile.
While I'm at the place I'll be daydreaming of your beautiful
face hoping that you can feel the echo of my thoughts.

Then, when you reach your destination, at a nice cozy space
with bright lights, and a beautiful atmosphere, just know my thoughts
and daydreams are going to be of softy caressing all of you with my lips.
The thought of holding you close gazing within your gorgeous eyes
always makes my heart smile. Even if we're miles apart, I still feel
your beautiful embrace, and your amazing presence within my heart.
My dear, would you take the echo of my thoughts with you?
Would you feel the echo of my heart feeling for yours?
My dear gorgeous, just know in the meantime, that every single thought
my "heart" will hold is thoughts of you.

( ( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) )" "Have a wonderful one!" :)